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Thank You!

Mental Health Awareness Week

As you may already know we opened our doors during a very exciting time, Mental Health Awareness week. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind words about the space we have created and for making everyone at ikigai feel welcomed into the community.

It fills us with so much joy at ikigai Holistic that people are finally starting to talk about mental health and the benefits of mindfulness. We wanted to create a space that enables people to find some inner calm and peace from the inner voices we listen to on a daily basis.

Above is a picture taken from the metal health magazine written by the Guardian. It talks about how schools are teaching children how important it is to take 10minutes out of their day to reflect on their thoughts and feelings. This is such a fantastic practice to get young people aquatinted with, hopefully becoming part of their adult life too.

I left the teaching profession several years ago to pursue a career in psychotherapy. I wish I had seen this image back when I was teaching, as my passion was to help children on a level this photo represents, rather than one driven by meeting inflated targets and strict routines.

So, this leads me to wonder how we can do more for children at Ikigai Holistic. Perhaps a children’s yoga class?

We would love your feedback on whether or not you would like to see a children’s yoga class here at ikigai? If so, when would be the best time? Would you prefer a children’s yoga workshop at a weekend or a regular class? Please drop us an email with your thoughts.

By, Maria Ryan