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The Power of Sound..


You might think a Sound Bath involves bubbles, essential oils and a good Spotify playlist, however this is not the type of bath we are talking about here – and you won’t have to bring your swimming costume either!

Using sound for its therapeutic qualities has been a practice for thousands of years in many cultures around the world – from Aborigines and their didgeridoos, to shamanic healers in South America. Tibetan monks were the first to use singing bowls for their spiritual and healing purposes, these vibrations were said to be ‘the sound of the universe manifesting’.

Today crystal bowls are used to make varying sound waves that help lull you into deep relaxation and often a meditative state. As you lie cocooned in your blanket allowing the sounds to wash over you, you may experience a strong sense of wholeness, and a greater insight into self-inquiry and discovery. They can be transformative, moving you from a state of imbalance to balance.

On a physiological level it works by slowing your breathing and hence heart rate. This allows the autonomic nervous system to switch off its ‘fight or flight’ mode, which is often our autopilot in today’s busy world. The body then gets a chance to recalibrate and get on with all the bodily processes that are side-lined due to stress.

We are hosting a special New Moon in Gemini Meditation on the evening of 3rdJune. The lovely Bekah Sheppard of La Luna will guide you through two meditations and then Maria Ryan will help your meditation go deeper by continuing with a sound bath.

Please also keep watch for our new monthly sound baths.

By, Leonie Causer