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Aromatherapy Week


It’s National Aromatherapy this week and we want to talk about the benefits this powerful therapy can offer us. Essentail oils harness the essence of a plants most concentrated oils and uses them to effect change on the body via the endocrine and nervous systems.


When you smell an oil it is received through the olfactory nerve and then processed in the pituitary gland of the brain. This “master gland” is stimulated by the essential oil to send signals in the form of hormones to different parts of the body, effecting change from within.


These changes can be as simple as relaxing the nervous system and calming stress and anxiety, but in the long term this calming effect can help to bring a sense of homeostasis and balance back to your entire mind and body. Relaxation really is the first place to start if you want your body to be as healthy and working as happily as possible.


Aum Oils are an aromatherapy based product line hailing form Copenhagen in Denmark. They was created by Mette Ernst a yoga teacher who saw the oils ability to help her students. We stock the full range in our gift shop which include three beautiful blends of oils each with a different intention –


‘A’ctivate is blended to stimulate inner strength and to uplift the spirit, ideal for the morning or for anytime you need to reinvigorate and get moving! Base notes of eucalyptus stimulate the mind, sweet cajeput heats muscles and relaxes tension in joints while litsea cubeba vitalises the skin.


U’nify is for when you need some grounding and balance, perhaps after your morning shower when you are overwhelmed by the day ahead and a never ending to – do list. It has a soothing woody warm fragrance thanks to notes of cedarwood and sandalwood and is my personal favourite!


‘M’editiate is ideal for contemplation and is obviously ideal for your meditation practice. Lavender and rosewood calm the skin and senses, and the deep muskiness of patchouli helps take your mind to a place of stillness.


These three blends are available as a body oil, a rollerball to take with you wherever you go or as a room/body spray.


We will be stocking some more essential oils in our small gift shop over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out and if you are looking for an oil for a specific complaint or reason, just ask and we will do our best to advise you.


By Leonie Causer