I recently came across a great online platform called “weREWILD” – https://werewild.co.  It has some really interesting articles about reconnecting to our ancient way of being and living more in sync with the natural world.


In the website founders’ own words, this is a ‘research-based psychological, anthropological, and story-centred resource for body/mind/spirit health, emphasising conservation and therapeutic engagement with the natural world as vital to our own wellbeing’.


So what is re-wilding? What I took from one particular article – I’ll link this below for you to have a read – is that to re-wild is to return to ourselves, open our creativity and realise our innate biological connection to nature and just how healing this can be for body mind and spirit


Here at Ikigai we hope to help you reconnect to yourself in many different ways. The studio is designed in a style that is connected to the natural environment – with the living plant wall, greenery scattered in every corner and lots of natural materials used to furnish the entire space.


By offering you the opportunity to come and experience different holistic therapies and practices, we hope to help everyone find something that suits them and their personal and ever-changing needs. Whether that be deep relaxation through our upcoming yoga nidra workshop on the 10thof August, or an invigorating dynamic 7am yoga class to kickstart your day! (see timetable on our website for more info).


Re-wilding is realising that everyday ordinary activities are actually the most extraordinary moments of our lives. This ethos fits perfectly with our belief in “ikigai”, that of bringing meaning and joy into all of our lives everyday.


It’s so easy to become detached from nature, particularly during the winter months. When summer finally gets going and we all naturally start spending more time outside we can’t help but start to feel this “re” connection, you feel like you’re coming back to life!


Living in Whitstable gives us some amazing opportunities to connect with nature, particularly the fluid cleansing energy of water through sea swimming. We really are so lucky to have this beautiful beach right on our doorstep…So why not embrace the moment and head for a sea swim today?