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Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing

At Ikigai Holistic we offer several Chakra healing classes and workshops throughout the year. For those new to the concept of holistic therapy, or for anyone who’s already benefited from some Chakra sessions and are intrigued to learn more, here’s our Chakra 101 about this powerful practice.

 What are Chakras?

The idea of Chakras originates from ancient texts called The Vedas, written between 1500BC and 500BC, these are among the first Hindu scriptures. They remained a traditionally Eastern philosophy until modern “New Age” philosophers resonated with the idea, expanded upon them and made them more accessible to the Western world.

The Chakras are essentially wheels of energy within the body, through which a pure healing energy known as “Prana” passes through, thus maintaining physical and spiritual balance. There are seven main Chakras running along the length of the spine and up to the crown of the head that are aligned with core physical attributes, as well as psychological and emotional states of being. They also relate to Chakra crystal stones which have a specific vibration and colour and can be used to heal.

As long as these Chakras are open, energy can flow freely through the body and general physical and mental health will be good, but if they become blocked, then problems in specific areas can occur. Some say there are up to 114 lesser Chakras across the rest of the body, but here’s a run-down of the major seven:

Root Chakra / Red Colour: This is at the base of the spine and contributes to stability and survival instinct. If blocked, the main emotional issues are increased fear, anxiety and nightmares.

Sacral Chakra / Orange Colour: Located just below the naval, this Chakra is the base for creativity and sexual energies, so when it’s blocked, you may feel uninspired, or lacking in sexual drive.

Solar Plexus / Yellow Colour:  In the centre of the torso, this Chakra modulates individual power and self-esteem. If this is blocked, then you may experience low self-esteem or control issues. Physically, blockages may cause stomach-ache and digestion issues.

Heart Chakra / Green Colour: This one is fairly self-explanatory, it’s near the heart and all about love, compassion and forgiveness. When blocked, this can cause anger, grief and jealousy.

Throat Chakra / Blue Colour: Located in the neck, this Chakra is all about speaking inner truth and being able to listen to others, so when it’s blocked, you may struggle to be honest and open, as well as lacking focus. Physically this may manifest as a sore throat or stiff neck and shoulders.

Third-Eye Chakra / Indigo Colour: Situated between the eye-brows, this chakra is the root of intuition and self-trust. So, when it’s blocked, you may find yourself struggling to trust your instincts and judgements on the world around you. You may also find yourself suffering headaches.

Crown Chakra / Purple Colour: Also known as the Thousand Petal Lotus, this is different to other Chakras as it may only be open during meditative or reflective states, as it is the base of enlightenment and the connection to our higher selves. Blockage here may result in feelings of isolation and listlessness.

 Chakra Healing

At Ikigai Holistic we believe in the power of these Chakras over our mental, spiritual, physical and emotional states of being and using this healing energy to keep us all happy, healthy and vibrant and we offer several different sessions that aim to open and balance the chakras, to keep our vital energies flowing freely. As with everything in nature, there is a yin and a yang and there are implications when Chakras are too open, Chakra healing is all about restoring balance and intention.

Each month our friendly studio in Whitstable hosts a Chakra Healing Circle and Sound Bath, focusing on a particular Chakra. View our workshop schedule to see which Chakra is the focus this month – everyone is welcome! The session includes guided meditations and a beautiful sound bath and you will take home a crystal corresponding to the healing of that month’s Chakra.

We also hold regular Reiki Healing Workshops, which involves placing hands on different parts of the body to facilitate the flow of energy through the Chakras, and immersive Crystal Sound Baths to focus on the chakras that may be blocked and channel energy and focus to those areas in need of rebalance. Our Yoga Classes can also help with maintaining free flowing energy through the Chakras – focusing on breath-work and moving through positions, or asanas, helps encourage the flow of healing ‘Prana’ energy through the pathways of your body to open the Chakras.

Maintaining balance in the body is essential to wellbeing and we hope you will give some of the classes and workshops which aim to do this a try. Different practices will work better for some than others so we encourage you to experience a selection of Chakra related experiences to see what works best for you to keep healing energy flowing.