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Manifesting Magic..

I’ve always been drawn to the moon, its magic, beauty and mystery. Recently I have been focusing on the New Moon. While a full moon is mesmerising and full of magic, the power of the new moon is equally outstanding. 

Using the new moon to set intentions and manifest our own wishes is an excellent reminder to check in with ourselves each month and allow ourselves to start afresh. The new moon offers us new beginnings. As the first phase of the lunar cycle, it is our reminder to reset, reflect and begin again. 

I find the night of a new moon calming, the darkness that blankets us, allowing the stars to shine brighter, while the moon hides it’s brilliance is peaceful. It feels as though I am allowed to take a moment, a step back and simply be. I can relax and sleep well knowing I am supported. 

I always like to set myself intentions, some incredibly subtle or small and others are greater wishes, things that may take longer to attain. One thing I do know, it is incredibly important to set intentions from a place of kindness, your wishes should come from the heart and cause you no upset. It does not bode well to dwell on things that have been missed, unattainable desires that cause you to feel less that what you are. The key of setting intentions is to focus on what nourishes your soul and then following them becomes easy. 

I believe that we draw in what we put out into the universe and that is why I also like to use the term ‘act like its going to happen’ when setting intentions, the stronger you believe that something is to be, the more likely you are to harness that energy and channel it in to exactly what you intended. Really it is no different from being in a bad or good mood, if you are in good mood, many small things will make you smile, if you’re in a bad mood, you’ll find that many small things bother you and you feel irritable. So shift that bad energy and believe that all is well. Do not think about what you do not want to happen, put it in a box, it does not serve you, it can not help you get closer to what you do want. 

When setting intentions remember to be kind to yourself, taking baby steps and being clear in what you want, will help you to achieve them. Whether you write them down, draw them or simply repeat them to yourself, break them down into smaller intentions.

Perhaps you wish to buy a house, so break it down. 

“I will save x amount this month to put towards my deposit”. 

“I will seek some overtime to help me save” 

“ I will not feel bad about spending money on what I need”

“ I will be closer to my goal of buying a house”

You can carry forward big intentions over multiple new moons and being realistic will only help you to sooner achieve each intention. If you have never tried setting intentions before, or if you have struggled to work with intentions in the past, I encourage you to have a go at manifesting with the next new moon and use the moons powerful energy to help you with your wishes. You might be surprised at just how powerful the human mind is when you attune with the moon. 

Below is the moon cycle calendar for 2021. The Black moons represent a new moon. 

So many opportunities to manifest magic! Why not give it a go.. 

By Sunni Fox – Harwood 

Image Credit: @grakozy (Unsplash)