We are so lucky at ikigai Holistic to be able to share the brilliant AntiGravity Fitness which was founded by Christopher Harrison, a Cirque du Soleil performer. He found that certain poses could be so much easier when dangling in mid air and we think so too!

AntiGravity involves suspending in a hammock a few feet from the ground. You will work through a number of sequences learning how to use your hammock to help make your movements more precise and deepen your practice. It can help to calm you down, strengthen your core and tone your legs. It may also help to loosen stiffness by lengthening your whole body.

We have two fantastic teachers, Jess Croucher and Louise Matthews who will always talk you through those unfamiliar moves with patience and understanding. How exhilarating to be able to do an inversion! The hammock will support your body to be able to reach its highest limits.

AntiGravity classes must first be taken consecutively in a five week block. After this you may drop in to any of our AntiGravity classes. We like you to complete a five week block first to ensure you are comfortable using the hammock and to become familiar with some of the moves.

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