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Below is a list of all of the classes we run at Ikigai, with a description of each
as well as how they could suit you! You can find the booking pages for our classes here.

We also have pages for our workshops and private classes.

Spiritual Hatha with Saskia

Inspired by the belief that Hatha yoga represents the sun (ha) and moon (tha), this class aims to balance these two energies, creating an equilibrium between the body and mind. The first part of the class focuses more on the physical aspect of yoga (the asana); you’ll be guided through a series of postures, concentrating on alignment, fluidity and finding space within the body. This is followed by exploring the more spiritual and philosophical side of yoga, through practices such as pranayama (breathing techniques), observation, mantra and meditation.

Postnatal Yoga with Liz

A class for you that you can bring your baby to. This gentle yoga class allows you to start to reconnect with your body, stretch, easy out aching shoulders and find your inner strength. However you birthed your baby, it will take time for you to feel like ‘you’ again and this class offers you that opportunity in a baby friendly environment along with other ladies who, like you, may not have had a full night’s sleep! so plenty of restorative postures too.

Beginners Pilates with Sharon

These classes are designed for those who have yet to try Pilates and need to learn the fundamentals on which to build their practice. Classes will focus on the basic movements of the Pilates Method. Modifications will be given for those with physical limitations. This class is a great way to start and to watch the transformation in how you look, and more importantly, how you feel.

Intermediate Pilates with Sharon

This pilates class is a continuation from our beginners class, although everyone is more than welcome. This class is a more challenging, for students already with some experience in Pilates. You will use a variety of pilates props to increase the intensity of your sessions. This class will help to stretch you that little bit further in your practice, helping you to gain strength and confidence in your Pilates practice.

Morning Vinyasa with Monica

Morning Vinyasa with Monica is a dynamic exploration of Yoga practice. We map our physical reality through Asana and breath-centred fusion of form and flow designed to refine our relationship with our sensory experience. Sequences blend flow with steady poses, integrating clear alignment and patterns of movement with an underlying reflection on embodiment for a more empowered sense of balance and stability, both on and off the mat. Suited to both new and more experienced practitioners, but not to absolute beginners.

Dynamic Vinyasa with Sharon

This class with Sharon is a dynamic, athletic, physically and spiritually energising form of Yoga “The practice of Movement to Stillness” which sculpts and tones the whole body. Yoga techniques are characterised by flowing poses and sequences linked to the breath. This class is suitable for those already with some yoga experience.

Dynamic Vinyasa with Hayley

This dynamic class with Hayley is designed to stoke up your inner fire, build strength, balance, and flexibility. Get ready to sweat, enliven your core strength, and boost vitality. Jazz up your day with this energetic vinyasa flow practice. Suitable for those with some yoga experience.

Yoga for Teens with Yvonne

Within a safe and nurturing environment, teenagers will discover enjoyable and interesting Yogic practices, enabling them to understand and experience how their body and mind work together. Giving them the valuable life skills needed to recognise and maintain the optimum state of calm and to encourage the self-management of their own health and well being. Involving various traditional and modern Yogic practices, a typical session will include breath awareness, functional movement activities, a series of yoga poses and space for reflection and relaxation.

Power Yoga with Saskia

A strong, energetic form of Vinyasa. The intention of this class is to bring the mind into the body, to create a space in which we can break the boundaries of our regular practice and to challenge expectations we have of ourselves and our abilities. Power yoga has been shown to improve strength, flexibility, stamina and blood circulation as well as providing a great form of stress relief.

Restorative Yoga with Chloe

Restorative yoga is a deeply nourishing, therapeutic and luxurious practice which focuses on rest, relaxation and recuperation. When in a pose, the body is ‘held’ by props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks to allow the muscles to relax and let go and the mind to slow down. Poses are typically held for 2-5 minutes with slow, mindful transitions in between. A perfect class to help you regroup after a busy day.

Candlelit Flow with Jess

Candlelit Flow with Jess consists of a soothing Hatha flow class by candle light to enhance your relaxation experience. Classes focus on finding balance, creating strength, flexibility and the breath to help you find stillness in movement and flow. This class help you to really tune into your body and quieten your mind.

Yoga for Men with Monica

Yoga for men with Monica will focus on mobility, stability, flexibility, and strength as well as applying stress-reduction techniques for peace of mind. Practice alongside other men in an always fun and all-inclusive environment. This class is suitable for beginners and for those more experienced in yoga.

Yoga for All with Joy

This hatha yoga class is suitable for all levels, including beginners, with an emphasis on functional movement relevant for everyday life. Each class encompasses movement, breath and relaxation as Joy guides her students through practices which nurture and strengthen the nervous system, and encourages enquiry and exploration.

Gentle Flow Yoga with Chloe

These Gentle Flow Yoga classes offer the opportunity to move your body and calm your mind. The sequences of yoga poses are simple and nourishing and there's a strong focus on mindfulness, the breath and relaxation. They are suitable for everyone but especially those that would prefer a more gentle yoga class.

Kundalini Yoga with Rebecca

Kundalini yoga is an ancient and complete practice which enables you to excel in a world where stress and anxiety are a part of everyday living. This class will give you tools that will help calm the nervous system, give clarity of mind and support you through your daily life. You will be working with Mantra, Asana, Pranayam and Mudra with soothing Indian music to calm the soul.

Clinical Pilates with Clare

Clinical Pilates is a modified Pilates that combines specialist clinical Physiotherapy expertise with the core principles of Pilates. The small class ensures that the exercises can be tailored to the individuals needs to support rehabilitation or for general fitness. These classes will not exceed more than 10 people.

AntiGravity Cocooning with Jess & Louise

A chance to completely reboot your day and start a fresh. This class will begin with some gentle stretches using the AntiGravity hammock for support giving your mind and body a chance to reconnect. You will then be taken through a guided meditation whilst in the cocoon of the hammock, completely wrapped up, taking all of the pressure off of your body. Lit by candlelight this class is a real luxury, for those who wish to pamper and nurture themselves, all whilst being suspended in a beautiful AntiGravity hammock.

AntiGravity with Jess & Louise

AntiGravity was founded by Christopher Harrison, a Cirque du Soleil performer. He found that yoga poses were much easier when dangling in mid air! AntiGravity involves suspending in a hammock a few feet from the ground. You will work through a number of sequences learning how to use your hammock to help make your movements more precise and deepen your practice. It calms you down, strengthens your core and tones your legs. It may help to loosen stiffness by lengthening your whole body.