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Yoga Teacher Trainings

ikigai Holistic have partnered with Yoga Reloaded to bring you a variety of Teacher Training opportunities.

Yoga Reloaded offer a modern approach to movement where they look at science, not the lineage, and break free from outdated dogma that’s not designed for the modern human. This is about upholding the evolution of the yoga practice.

What They Offer;

200 HOURS Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

YIN 2 x 50 HOUR YTT ( Module 1 & 2 )



& more with their ever expanding knowledge and progressive approach.

Yoga Reloaded


Progressive yoga = Yoga Reloaded = honouring the tradition of yoga but incorporating it with today’s knowledge of science, anatomy and biomechanics. Working with the modern western body and understanding the need for healthy strength and movement.

Fully accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals, our yoga teacher training course is spread out over 10 months allowing you time to learn, process and refine your teaching with ongoing support.


Emma & Hannah


Emma is a senior Yoga Alliance yoga teacher with over 20 years experience. She teaches Yin yoga and functional yoga.

she is keen to keep her teaching fresh and innovative in the name of science, anatomy, biomechanics and all that is yoga!

She has completed trainings with Cecily Milne of Yoga Detour, Paul Grilley, Tom Myers, Gill Hegley and Bernie Clark. Emma is also an FRC® mobility specialist and Kinstretch instructor, plus  a Movement Mapping teacher.


Hannah has been practicing yoga for over 13 years, teaching for 8, and is excited to be part of, and witness the evolution of the way yoga is being taught.

She originally trained as a yoga teacher in 2008 and then retrained as a yoga and prenatal teacher with The Victor Foundation in 2012.

Hannah is continually learning and studying with some of the most open minded teachers in the world such as Justin Wolfer, Cecily Milne and Jenni Rawlings.

 It’s taken her a while to be comfortable calling what she teaches yoga, as it doesn’t always fit in the “yoga” box!
Hannah incorporates principles of strength training within yoga and deep parasympathetic stimulation, but the focus is always on what best serves the individual and supports whatever they do in life, rather than the pose as the goal.

She is a registered Yoga Detour instructor as well as an FRC® mobility specialist and a Movement Mapping teacher.

200 Hour YTT

Each student is required to have had a regular yoga practice for 2 years at least before they are able to undertake this teacher training. Students are required to submit a letter of recommendation from senior yoga teacher. As well as filling out an online questionnaire. Hannah & Emma  may also wish to meet with you face to face for an interview, or by telephone.

2023 Dates:

January 7th & 8th
February 4th & 5th
March 4th & 5th
April 1st & 2nd
May 6th & 7th
June 3rd & 4th
July 8th & 9th
August – BREAK
September 2nd & 3rd
October 7th & 8th
November 4th & 5th
December – Exams TBD

for further information and to apply, please follow the link below.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

This course is for already qualified yoga teachers.

You may do this course for your own interest but it will not qualify you to teach.

On completion on the full course, participants will receive a 40hrs Continuing Professional Development, Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Certificate.


What you will learn:

Accommodating a student in the first trimester.
Creating dedicated prenatal classes for new and existing students
Returning students safely to yoga post Birth.

1st Trimester

Hormonal system
Anatomy and foetal development
Adapting asana
Strengthening techniques
Breathing practices
Relaxation techniques
Asana breakdown and adaptation
Pelvic floor health

2nd Trimester

Anatomy and Fetal development
Suitable asana
Breathing practices
Relaxation techniques
Asana breakdown and adaptation
Breathing mechanics

3rd Trimester

Anatomy and Fetal development
Suitable asana
Breathing practices
Relaxation techniques
Birth preparation
Asana breakdown and adaptations

4th Trimester

Birth and postnatal
Core recovery
Distasis recti rehab
Navigating yoga with a baby
Shoulder care
Welcoming the student back to yoga

Autumn 2022 Course Dates

Saturday 8th October

Sunday 9th October

Saturday 15th October

To register please email –  [email protected]