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Sharon Saker

Yoga Teacher

Sharon has been actively involved in the world of health and wellness for 30 years and has worked professionally around much of the globe. As an adolescent she enjoyed participating in a variety of sports, dance and activities – a passion that has never waned. Her earliest Yoga Training was in the Satchidananda style, but she has since spent decades drawing from the insight and experience of many of the most respected teachers in the world. Sharon believes that one style does not suit all and that Yoga, Pilates and other Healing Arts can be fantastic for everyone, as long as you choose a style which meets your current needs.

Chloe Tully

Yoga Teacher

Chloe began teaching yoga in early 2016 and is Yoga Alliance Professionals certified. She is passionate about yoga and the healing and health-giving benefits that a regular yoga practice can provide. Chloe teaches a range of styles of yoga, from Vinyasa Yoga – a dynamic, flowing and creative style of yoga, right through to slow and soothing Restorative Yoga. She teaches classes which make yoga accessible for all, from beginners to more experienced yogis.

Hayley Johns

Yoga Teacher

Hayley has over 10 years of teaching experience and over 25 years of her own practice, bringing a super down to earth, mindful style to the mat. Always learning she loves to share where she is at. Guiding students to embody through movement (and stillness), asking you to feel and connect to the breath in a way that’s comfortable, providing you with an opportunity to look at your habitual patterns (on and off the mat). Working in a fully inclusive space, all bodies welcome.

Jess Croucher

Yoga and AntiGravity Teacher

Jess started attending yoga classes when she moved to Whitstable in 2001. She completed an intensive Ashtanga Teacher Training in 2005 whilst also working full time in education. Jess then took time out to have a family and trained to teach children’s yoga in 2017 which she loves. Jess then started her 300-hour teacher training with The British Wheel of Yoga in 2018 which she is due to finish in June this year. Jess really enjoys teaching a Flow-based class which comes from her background in Ashtanga yoga. She is also very excited to be adding Aerial Yoga to her areas of expertise!

Monica Marini

Yoga Teacher

Monica is a passionate, engaging and a very experienced yoga teacher. Her multidimensional approach meets students with personable and individualised attention encouraging a safe and reflective self-practice. Since completing her initial training almost a decade ago, Monica has studied with international leading teachers including Rod Stryker, Doug Keller and Gary Carter. She is currently training with Sarah Ramsden to teach Yoga to Athletes and in Sports accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Louise Matthews

AntiGravity Teacher

Louise has always had an interest in fitness and well-being, having run several marathons and having a background in dance. Louise has recently completed a YMCA Level 3 Diploma in Pilates and is a practicing pilates teacher.

Louise also feels there is an important link between exercise and mental wellbeing, which is what lead her to undertake training in AntiGravity fitness.  After seeing the benefits that AntiGravity fitness could offer, being an all-encompassing way of mixing exercise and mental health for the mind and the body, propelled her to decide to train as an instructor.

Saskia Morris

Yoga Teacher

Saskia started practising yoga four years ago when she lived in Australia. She attended regular classes and fell in love with how it made her feel, both physically and mentally. Her philosophy to life is very much based around the concept of balance, and finds yoga and meditation to be a great way of maintaining this.

Although Saskia enjoyed working as a PT, something was missing; so, in 2019, she decided to train as a yoga teacher in Greece. It was one of the most intense yet wonderful experiences she has ever had.

Since then, she has been teaching classes and private sessions, working with all ages as well as with people with disabilities, injuries and hearing impediments. She truly believes that yoga is open to anyone and everyone, and it is her aim to encourage more people to incorporate it into their lives as a way of nourishing mind, body and soul.

Yvonne Meredith

Yoga Teacher

Also known as Yvo, has been practising Yoga for over ten years and been teaching for almost four. Having qualified to teach with the British Wheel of Yoga, she was subsequently awarded the Wilfred Clark bursary enabling her to train with the Special Yoga Centre to teach Yoga and Mindfulness to children and young people. Yvo continues to follow her passion for ‘inclusive’ yoga and is currently in the final stages of a Gentle Years Yoga course. She sends gratitude to the following long-term teachers; Emma Slade, Karin Van Maanen, Cora Kempball- Cook, Lina Newstead, Julie Page, Jyoti Manuel, Ayala Homossany and Beryl Lovegrove.

Yvo previously had a long and successful career as an art teacher, senior advisory teacher and play therapist in both mainstream and special education and has worked with children aged from 2-19 years. Her approach is gentle, person centred, inclusive, creative and fun!


Emma Epton

Yoga Teacher

Emma is a senior yoga teacher with over 20 years experience, teaching Yin yoga and functional yoga. She also facilitates a 200ht YTT and runs further education programs with her company Yoga Reloaded.

Emma has completed trainings with Cecily Milne of Yoga Detour and Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains. She is also an FRC mobility specialist and movement educator.

Clare Ruff

Pilates Teacher

Clare qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2008 at Kings College London. She has worked for the NHS and private sector specialising in treating Musculoskeletal conditions. Clare completed her training with the APPI to become a Pilates instructor and has been teaching for the last 7 years. Clare advocates the use of Pilates for rehabilitation from injury, conditioning and general fitness. 

Jade Pooley

Yoga Teacher

Jade has been strongly called to teach yoga, inspired by the experience and knowledge of the vast array of teachers leading Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Embodied Flow™ Yoga and Meditation classes. Jade has taken a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Radiantly Alive Studio, Ubud followed by a month long mentorship program in September, co-teaching and studying yoga influenced by the classical Non-Dual Tantrik Philosophy. 

She has also explored and deepened her understanding of theming and how to weave in her love of philosophy during her classes by taking part in a 100hr Curation Teacher Training with the school of Samavesa in 2020, and a 70hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training. She has also participated in a  30hr Trauma Informed Yoga Foundations Training and a 30hr Yoga and Social Justice & Spirit training, exploring the tools and resources we can use to open the gateway to our own innate wisdom.

Amy Victoria

Yoga Teacher

Amy is a certified yoga instructor with a mission to connect and share her love of yoga and meditation with you.

Her journey with movement began with dance and figure skating through her early childhood to late teens. Shortly after moving to London in 2012 to join the corporate world she quickly needed a new expression of movement and soon began practicing yoga and dancing the argentine tango!

Amy’s style of teaching is gentle and empowering, kind and creative, sensitive and strong. With the intention to grow stronger from the inside out; to deeply explore and establish the mind body connection; to create a safe space to heal and to play.

Dan Kilford

Yoga Teacher

Dan has a huge passion for sharing yoga with others and using this practice to connect back to ourselves, amidst the chaos of modern life. He first found yoga as a way of improving strength and flexibility for his marital arts training and soon fell in love with the practice. The powerful effects that yoga can have on the mind and body is what led him to deepen his practice and want to become a teacher.

He completed his Yoga Alliance accredited 200hr vinyasa yoga teacher training with Yogahaven. His classes are balanced flows that are suited to everyone. They connect movement with breath and aim to leave you feeling connected and relaxed.

Rowan Finnegan

Yoga Teacher

Yoga and meditation have given Rowan great stability and opened up a journey of growth, insight and joy. His intention is for everyone to experience the healing effects of yoga practice and to create an opportunity for change so that we can all live a life that feels grounded and empowered.

Rowan has  been practicing and teaching ashtanga vinyasa yoga since 2015 and has taken primary and secondary training with Sarah Powers, and has also trained in Forrest yoga with Jambo Truong.

Sunni Briony

Trainee Yoga Teacher

Sunni first found Yoga as a teenager, seeking something to help improve her mental wellbeing, it didn’t take long for her to notice the profound affects of the practice and she quickly fell in love with it,  now delving into the world of teaching so that she can share the practice with others.

Her teaching style is light hearted and honest. Fully encompassing that there is something for every body when it comes to yoga. Her aim is to create a safe, self accepting space for movement and enquiry.

She is currently mid-way through her 200hr Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training with Yoga Reloaded and already has plans to continue deepening and expanding her teaching remit in the near future.