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We run a range of workshops
which change regularly so please keep checking back to find out what is currently taking place.

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Chakra Healing Circle & Sound Bath - Yoga Workshops

Thursday 2nd December 18:00-19:30

Chakra Healing Circle & Sound Bath

with Sue Quigley & Maria Ryan

After proving so popular our chakra healing circle and sound bath is back for another year!

Chakras are the energy centres within the human body. There are seven main Chakras and each correspond to specific organs as well as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being that influence all areas of your life – they contain pure healing energy, what yogis refer to as ‘Prana’ – this healing energy is all around us and within us, to keep us healthy, happy and vibrant.

Each workshop we will focus on a specific Chakra, what it is, it’s implications and the associated colours and crystals. We will do a guided healing meditation based on the specific Chakra, followed by an alchemy crystal sound bath led by Maria.

The alchemy crystal sound bath will help to deepen and strengthen your work with your chakras and provide you with just what you need at that time.

You will leave with your chosen crystal and information handout with some ideas on how to work with your chakras at home.

1.5 hours £18

Scheduled Dates 

02/12 – Throat

*Mats and yoga mattresses will be provided and have been thoroughly sanitised. Please bring your own pillow or blanket to make yourself feel even more comfortable. 


Morning Sound Bath

with Maria Ryan

An uplifting and renewing morning sound bath to start your day feeling grounded in the here and now, with a renewed sense of calm.

The alchemy crystal singing bowls are made of 99.9% pure quartz crystal and infused with rare and precious metals. They create a harmonic sound, which envelopes you in a cocoon of comfort and relaxation.

Maria will hand pick the bowls from the ikigai sound temple to correspond with the intention of the session. She will start with a short guided meditation before allowing the bowls to sweep you away on your unique sound journey. She will use Crystal Tones® alchemy crystal singing bowls, quartz crystal pyramid and koshi chimes.

1hour – £15

Scheduled Dates


*Mats and yoga mattresses will be provided and have been thoroughly sanitised. Please bring your own pillow or blanket to make yourself feel even more comfortable.

Thursday 16th December 


Christmas AntiGravity Workshop

with Jess & Louise

An Hour and a Half full of flying fun with some added Christmas cheer and festive spirits.

it is not essential but Christmas tops are very much welcomed!

Suitable for all, No previous experience of Antigravity required.

AntiGravity fitness involves suspending in a hammock a few feet from the ground. You will work through a number of sequences learning how to use your hammock to help make your movements more precise and deepen your practice.

It can help to calm you down, strengthen your core and tone your legs. It may also help to loosen stiffness by lengthening your whole body.

How exhilarating to be able to do an inversion! The hammock will support your body to be able to reach its highest limits.

1.5 hours – £20.00

Sunday 19th December


Full Moon Sound Immersion

With Maria Ryan & Charlotte Donachie

The 19th December heralds the last Full Moon of 2021 in the sign of Gemini. Full Moons are a time of culmination. They arrive two weeks after a New Moon, a time of new beginnings where we set intentions for the month ahead.

When we reach the Full Moon, halfway through the cycle, we release all that stands in the way of the change we seek. This particular moon connects us to our personal relationship to truth.

What is real and what is false within our own reality. Can we be more flexible in our thinking and respond to the present moment rather than hanging on to the past? A perfect time to shed rigidity and outdated beliefs that hold us back.

For this moon we take you on a beautiful sound journey to balance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies using the powerful frequencies of the Alchemy Crystal Sining Bowls and Vesta, a Goddess Gong that connects us to the sacred fire within and steers us towards our Sovereignty.

She is fierce, beautiful, deeply powerful and so relevant for these times as we learn to harness the essence of our unique power and express our individual flame.

Maria will specifically choose the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls which work in harmony with this full moon and compliment the Goddess Gong to bring about a unique and sacred healing session.

1.5 hours – £20.00

 Guzmán Barquín on Unsplash s

Friday 14th January 


Setting New Year Intentions

With Steff Pittman

Do you always start the year feeling like you never really reach your health and wellness goals, or feel pressured to set certain habits going into a new year?

Join Intuitive guide and Crystal healer Steff Pitman for an intuitive intention setting workshop where she will support you in setting aligned intentions for the new year ahead so that you can feel good about yourself and your health. Starting with gratitude for where you are now through to how to work with crystals, meditation, journaling and breathwork to tap into your body and set goals that actually work for you and your lifestyle.

Finish the session with a guided higher self-meditation led by Steff. Take home your own manifestation crystal and journal included with the workshop.

1 hour – £19.00

Saturday 22nd January 


INTRODUCTION to Transformational Breath ®

With Susie Smith

Want to get back to that place of inner peace? Does your mind constantly feel scattered or overwhelmed?

Want to learn how to respond to life and not just react?  Sometimes feel lost, disconnected, or stuck?

Then this workshop is for YOU.

In this Introduction to Transformational Breath® workshop, you will be given the tips, understanding and the science behind WHY Conscious Connected Breathwork is powerful and vital for our overall health and wellbeing.

Giving you a clearer understanding of why we have blocked and disrupted Breathing Patterns (and what a Breathing Pattern actually is) plus how to work through any blocks and disruptions to your respiratory system. Gaining deeper insights in to HOW & WHY we hold so much of our emotional past in the way we Breathe. Accessing the tools, you need to help get those trapped and stuck emotional stressors out of the physical body so the emotional, mental, and spiritual self, feel free again.

To end the workshop, you will experience a fully guided 55-minute conscious connected Transformational Breath® session to embody wall you have learned. Fully supported by Susie and her team using the modality of Transformational Breath® you will breathe to reset the nervous system, shut down the mental chatter and fold yourself softly into that space of inner peace and personal freedom.

1.5 Hours – £35.00

Friday 11th February 


Self Love Goddess Workshop

with Steff Pittman

Connect with your inner – magic and goddess this Valentines with our self-love workshop. Learning to love and accept yourself so you can truly feel good in your authentic self and in your body.

Focusing on how to open your heart chakra, supporting you in loving yourself on a deeper level.

This workshop will be a beautiful goddess circle filled with rose quartz and roses.

Starting with creating the perfect affirmations for you and finding flow with your divine feminine, then being guided in a heart meditation with Crystal Healer and intuitive guide Steff Pitman.

Whether you are looking for a magical night with the girls or looking to connect deeper with yourself, this workshop will leave you feeling completely loved and honoured. Take home your own rose quartz crystal and rose after the ceremony.

1 Hour – £19.00

Saturday 5th & 12th February 2022

12:00 – 13:45

Ashtanga Yoga Fundamentals Workshop

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic style which a set sequence of postures (asanas) that are practised by synchronising the breath with movement.

In this 2-day workshop, the fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga will be covered. Breath, Drishti (gazing point), Bandhas (energy locks), Sun Salutations and Vinyasa will be explained to help you establish a self-practice.

This workshop is suitable for all abilities including beginners or anyone else who would like to explore the basics of Ashtanga Yoga.

You will also learn how to;

* Calm the mind and create an inner space for self-practice

* Be confident to join in a class

* Practise postures(asanas) safely and modify them if needed

1h 45mins for each class, on two consecutive Saturday’s – £42

* Please bring your own yoga mat if you have one

Workshop Practitioners

Maria Ryan

Alchemy Crystal Bowl Practitioner

Maria came into contact with the alchemy crystal singing bowls 10 years ago at a wellbeing show in London. After experiencing their unique ability to help support the body and mind facilitate a deep state of relaxation, she undertook practitioner training to be able to share this knowledge with others. 

Maria is also a qualified psychotherapist. Combining her understanding of psychotherapy, psychology and the alchemy bowls, Maria’s approach is centred around calming the nervous system, whilst also helping you to reconnect with your physical body and become grounded in the here and now. 

Sometimes we need tools to help us achieve a state of relaxation and it’s not always easy to keep a daily meditation practice even though we know the benefits are vast for our physical and mental wellbeing. This is why Maria believes the crystal singing bowls are so special, as they allow an alternative way to connect and tune in, to quiet the mind and truly listen to how we feel.

Sue Quigley

Heartcore Healing: Energy Healer & Spiritual Life Coach

Sue is an Energy Healer working with individuals and groups to help bring about restorative change and wellbeing. She works in a very intuitive way, often able to address the underlying pathological emotional issue that can be causing problems. Sue is not prescriptive in her work as she knows each individual is just that: individual with unique beliefs and imprints that have been developed from past and current lifetimes as well as ancestral lineage and karma.

Presenting issues can disguise a myriad of emotional causes that can be buried deep within the subconscious mind; this means that common sense and logic are not always the best approach.

Sue is a certified Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki practitioner with a diploma in crystal healing. She is also attuned to Alchemy Energetics: Spiritual Level, this is a powerful, high vibrational advanced healing system.

For one to one work please contact Sue directly.

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Ezgi Acar

Yoga Teacher

Ezgi has completed the 300hrs British Wheel of Yoga Certificate Course in 2017. She started practising Ashtanga Yoga nearly 5 years ago and fell in love with its structure and its underlined qualities such as breath, rhythm and discipline.

Ezgi recently completed 200 hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at Tattvaa Yoga School in Rishikesh, India. Her teaching has a strong emphasis on breath and its coordination with the movement. She introduces various Pranayama techniques along with asana practice. Her main goals are keeping Ashtanga Yoga accessible for all abilities and helping people to build a regular practice.

Charlotte Donachie

Practicing Astrologer & Gong Practitioner

Charlotte became a practicing Astrologer in 2020, she then chose to combine her work with Planetary Gongs and bring the powerful frequency of the Planets into form through this magnificent instrument. Following her training she was matched with Vesta, a Goddess Asteroid Gong that connects us to the sacred flame within and steers us towards our Sovereignty.

Charlotte’s passion in life is to investigate the infinite ways in which we can unfold more of our unique selves into the world. Her journey has allowed her to release past patterns and traumas, ignite magic and awaken the inner alchemist. Charlotte does not believe in one method for all and finds herself on a revolving wheel of discovery as she dips into whatever calls her soul. She loves to bring her findings to others, so that they too can enjoy their own journey of exploration and evolution.

Jess Croucher

Yoga and AntiGravity Teacher

Jess started attending yoga classes when she moved to Whitstable in 2001. She completed an intensive Ashtanga Teacher Training in 2005 whilst also working full time in education. Jess then took time out to have a family and trained to teach children’s yoga in 2017 which she loves. Jess then started her 300-hour teacher training with The British Wheel of Yoga in 2018 which she is due to finish in June this year. Jess really enjoys teaching a Flow-based class which comes from her background in Ashtanga yoga. She is also very excited to be adding Aerial Yoga to her areas of expertise!

Louise Matthews

AntiGravity Teacher

Louise has always had an interest in fitness and well-being, having run several marathons and having a background in dance. Louise has recently completed a YMCA Level 3 Diploma in Pilates and is a practicing pilates teacher.

Louise also feels there is an important link between exercise and mental wellbeing, which is what lead her to undertake training in AntiGravity fitness.  After seeing the benefits that AntiGravity fitness could offer, being an all-encompassing way of mixing exercise and mental health for the mind and the body, propelled her to decide to train as an instructor.

Susie Smith

Breathwork & Energy Practitioner

Susie’s path has weaved it’s way through a deep and transformative education in Conscious Connected Breathwork, Emotional Trauma Healing and Energy Work (Reiki, Sichem & Shamanic attuned).

Susie’s specialism is Breathwork & Energy Healing, having trained for 2 years with Transformational Breath Foundation UK and a member of the IBF (International Breath Foundation) as well a certified Reiki & Shamanic Practitioner.

Breathwork ranks as one of the main elements in Trauma Recovery, being an integral tool in Nervous System regulation and any level of self-exploration, deep diving into self-development and expansion. Throughout all her practices Susie embraces and encourages joy through laughter as she develops her understanding, gratitude, knowledge and love for all the modalities she works with.