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We run a range of workshops
which change regularly so please keep checking back to find out what is currently taking place.

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Chakra Healing Circle & Sound Bath

After proving so popular our chakra healing circle and sound bath is back for another year!

Chakras are the energy centres within the human body. There are seven main Chakras and each correspond to specific organs as well as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being that influence all areas of your life – they contain pure healing energy, what yogis refer to as ‘Prana’ – this healing energy is all around us and within us, to keep us healthy, happy and vibrant.

Each workshop we will focus on a specific Chakra, what it is, it’s implications and the associated colours and crystals. We will do a guided healing meditation based on the specific Chakra, followed by an alchemy crystal sound bath led by Maria.

The alchemy crystal sound bath will help to deepen and strengthen your work with your chakras and provide you with just what you need at that time.

You will leave with your chosen crystal and information handout with some ideas on how to work with your chakras at home.

Feb 20th – Root Chakra

April 9th – Sacral Chakra  

June 4th – Solar Plexus Chakra

July 16th – Heart Chakra

Sep 3rd – More info coming soon!

Oct 22nd – More info coming soon!

Dec 10th – More info coming soon!

1.5 hours £18


Chakra Healing Circle & Sound Bath - Yoga Workshops

Mindfulness Motivational Poster

Postponed until further notice 

Introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness

This welcoming and accessible morning yoga workshop for beginners will give you the foundations to start practising yoga and teach you how to weave in the principles of mindfulness as you do, to gain a deeply beneficial experience each time.

Learn key yoga postures, breathing techniques, simple meditation tools and how to adapt poses for your unique body. Yoga adapts to the person, not the other way around.

Hannah is an experienced Yoga Therapist and Teacher with a passion for connecting people to practices that support real life and health every day.

3hours – £36 (All equipment will be provided)

Postponed until further notice 

Flow & Rest: Spinal Bliss

This is a workshop of two halves focusing on mobilising and nourishing the spine, led by Chloe Tully.

After a brief introduction to the spine, it’s anatomy, the ways in which it moves and the key muscles involved in bringing about those movements, the workshop practice will build into a dynamic, energising vinyasa flow sequence with a focus on mobilising the spine.

You will then wind down, moving into a slow and sumptuous phase of restorative yoga. Here you will use props (e.g. blankets and bolsters) to support the body in restful and nourishing poses – again, focusing on the movements of the spine – which are held for up to 5 minutes and which facilitate deep relaxation of both body and mind.

A perfect balance of yang and yin, this workshop aims to transport you to a place of spinal bliss!

2hours – £24 (All equipment and props will be provided)

Workshop Practitioners

Sue Quigley

Heartcore Healing: Energy Healer & Spiritual Life Coach

Sue is an Energy Healer working with individuals and groups to help bring about restorative change and wellbeing. She works in a very intuitive way, often able to address the underlying pathological emotional issue that can be causing problems. Sue is not prescriptive in her work as she knows each individual is just that: individual with unique beliefs and imprints that have been developed from past and current lifetimes as well as ancestral lineage and karma.

Presenting issues can disguise a myriad of emotional causes that can be buried deep within the subconscious mind; this means that common sense and logic are not always the best approach.

Sue is a certified Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki practitioner with a diploma in crystal healing. She is also attuned to Alchemy Energetics: Spiritual Level, this is a powerful, high vibrational advanced healing system.

For one to one work please contact Sue directly.

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Maria Ryan


Maria is a qualified psychotherapist and an accredited member of the BACP. She has worked with both adults and children in the NHS and charity sectors.

Maria works from an existential and contemporary psychodynamic perspective helping you to explore and reflect on your life, whilst learning more about yourself and your relationships.

Psychotherapy can help alleviate anxiety, depression, loneliness, trauma, relationship issues, destructive habits and more. Maria initially offers a phone consultation to discuss what it is you require from therapy and then if you would like to go ahead an assessment can be arranged. Choosing a therapist can be daunting and it is important to choose a therapist you feel you can work with and trust.

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Hannah Rzysko

Yoga Therapist

Hannah likes supporting people by sharing yoga that responds to their unique needs, is useful to everyday life and brings them into balance. Since initially training as a yoga teacher in 2013, she has been committed to study & training in order to create safe, welcoming and supportive space for anyone to explore & benefit from yoga – no matter their needs, condition or background. She has spent as much time in a yoga studio as she has in care homes, mental health hospitals, dementia wards, children’s centres & special needs services. After 5 years sharing yoga in this way, she completed her 550 hours certification to become a Yoga Therapist. She is currently training to be a Holistic Life Coach – this training is enriching her Yoga Therapy support and will be an additional service she will be sharing in the near future – so watch this space!

Hannah is an accredited Complementary Yoga Therapist with the Complementary and Natural Health Council (CNHC).

Hannah offers 1to1 sessions at Ikigai Holistic. Please book through her website.

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Chloe Tully

Yoga Teacher

Chloe began teaching yoga in early 2016 and is Yoga Alliance Professionals certified. She is passionate about yoga and the healing and health-giving benefits that a regular yoga practice can provide. Chloe teaches a range of styles of yoga, from Vinyasa Yoga – a dynamic, flowing and creative style of yoga, right through to slow and soothing Restorative Yoga. She teaches classes which make yoga accessible for all, from beginners to more experienced yogis.