Our workshops usually run over several weeks or weekends. We run a range of workshop options for yoga, tai-chi, pilates and more,
which change regularly so please keep checking back to find out what is currently taking place.

You can also book onto our workshops here.

Friday 30th August 7.15pm – 8.45pm  

New Moon Meditation

Come and join Bekah on the evening of Friday 30th August 2019, under the Black Moon in Virgo for a meditation group to set intentions, heal and cleanse with the help of crystals.

There will be an intention setting mediation guided by Bekah. This Meditation will be specially created particular to the New Moon’s zodiac energies, which is Virgo. This sign is all about Dedication, Nurturing, Self Care, Patience, Perfection, & Practicality.

As New Moons can make emotions run high, the second meditation will be a thorough Chakra Cleanse, there will be no sound bath on this occasion as Maria is away but I would still like to guide guests through this cleansing meditation to help realign the self during these Black Moon shifts, so the price is a little cheaper than usual.

You will be leaving feeling relaxed and refreshed with your chosen crystal.

1.5hours £18 – There is no need to bring anything to this workshop.


Tuesday 20th August 7.15pm – 9.15pm FULL

Yin Yoga & Sound Bath

Unwind and recharge with the calming and nourishing fusion of Yin Yoga with Emma Epton accompanied by a live sound bath.

Yin Yoga is a restorative practice of slow, deep holds that promote flexibility and optimal joint health within the body. This also cultivates stillness in the mind which can have a profound transformative effect on our nervous system and mental and physical health.

This Yin practice will be accompanied by the beautiful gentle sounds of the alchemy crystal bowls led by Maria. The bowls create a harmonic space which will enable your yin practice to deepen and help you surrender to pure relaxation.

2 hours £24 – There is no need to bring anything along to this workshop. 

Tuesday 27th August 7.15pm – 8.45pm

Chakra Healing Circle & Sound Bath (Monthly)

Chakras are the energy centres within and around the human body. There are seven main Chakras that correspond to specific organs as well as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being that influence all areas of your life – they contain pure healing energy, what yogis refer to as ‘Prana’ – this healing energy is all around us and within us, to keep us healthy, happy and vibrant. 

You can think of the Chakras as free flowing energy wheels or discs and ultimate wellness and harmony happens when they are aligned and open. There are conditions that can indicate blocked Charkas, as well as implications on being too open – as ever it is all about balance and intention.

The Chakras we will be focussing on each month are as follows:

May: Root, Jun: Sacral, Jul: Solar Plexus, Aug: Heart,  Sep: Throat,  Oct: Third Eye, Nov: Crown

Sue Quigley will give two guided meditations as well as practical information on that specific Chakra, you will then have the ultimate treat of a beautiful sound bath led by Maria Ryan.

1.5 hours £18 – Price includes a handout and crystal to take home with you. Held on the last Tuesday of every month.

Saturday 7th September 4pm – 5.30pm

Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath

Relax and restore during our restorative yoga and sound bath workshop with Chloe Tully and Maria Ryan.

Restorative yoga is a deeply nourishing, therapeutic and luxurious practice which focuses on rest, relaxation and recuperation.

When in a pose, the body is ‘held’ by props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks to allow the muscles to relax and let go and the mind to slow down. This class is very much for everyone and is gentle and adaptable.

To further enhance your restorative yoga practice Maria will sweep you away with the sound of the alchemy crystal singing bowls. A perfect class to unwind and help you regroup after a busy week and in preparation for a wonderful nights sleep.

1.5 hours £18 – There is no need to bring anything to this workshop. 

Crystal Sound Bath Workshop

Tuesday 3rd September 7.15pm – 8.30pm

Crystal Sound Bath

The Alchemy Crystal Bowls are made of 99.9% pure quartz crystal and infused with rare and precious metals. They create a harmonic sound, which envelopes you in a cocoon of comfort and relaxation.

Maria will give a short guided meditation and talk through the intention for the evening. You will then be swept away on a sound journey with the alchemy crystal singing bowls, quartz crystal pyramid and koshi chimes.

1hour 15minutes – £15

Sunday 1st September 1pm – 3pm 

Vegan Perfume Blending Workshop

Blend your own signature scent with aromatherapist and founder of Nosewise – Carmen Fearnley.

Carmen will talk you through the 3 building blocks of creating a perfume, and the many therapeutic effects of the essential oils used in this workshop.

You will learn how to build a well-balanced fragrance using your favourite oils, and take home a 10ml spray containing your very own signature scent. Your unique recipe will be on file with Carmen for future top ups of your perfume.

2 hours £30 – There is no need to bring anything along to this workshop.


“Emma walked in wanting to create something similar to her favourite Thé Noir by Le Labo, and walked out smiling with a new favourite. Neroli, tobacco, amber, musk & Virginia cedar were some of the main components of her new beautifully rich and warm fragrance.”

Thursday 7th November 12.30pm – 2pm. This course meets every Thursday for 5weeks. 

Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Course

This therapeutic Yoga Course is held by Hannah Rzysko and continues to evolve and develop as this robust, rich and incredibly supportive course for anyone struggling with stress, anxiety and the challenges that these bring.

It draws upon both modern and ancient tools from a host of modalities including; yoga therapy, acupressure, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, life coaching, therapeutic journalling and Ayurveda.

These courses are open to absolute beginners and can be adapted for pregnancy, most health conditions and mobility challenges.

In addition to the sessions, all attendees receive:

  • Detailed booklet of all practices covered, guides on how to build practices for home, work, on the go
  • Coaching support from me for the duration of the course
  • Access to a host of recordings, meditations and lead deep relaxations (Yoga Nidra)
  • Private Facebook Group to share experience with each other and access articles and practices on the topic
  • Webinar on a topic of interest for the group i.e. Sleep Hygiene, Introduction to Mindfulness, Moving through Resistance
  • Lots of snacks, homemade cake and tea during sessions

5 X 90 minutes sessions – £100

Workshop Practitioners

Sue Quigley

Heartcore Healing: Energy Healer & Spiritual Life Coach

Sue works in a very practical way that enables people to access their own inner wisdom and understanding to help bring about restorative change and wellbeing. Her passion is making energy work easily accessible with realistic and understandable information that is relevant to everyday life.

Sue believes that we are all our own healers and that as long as there is a will, we all have access to complete wellbeing and happiness.

Sue will be offering monthly Circles as well as workshops at Ikigai.

Certified as an Usui and Angelic Reiki Practitioner, Sue is also a certified NLP Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching as well as Facilitator and Trainer in the Principles of Thought, Mind and Consciousness. Additional certifications include Alchemy Energetics and Crystal Healing.

Bekah Sheppard

Owner of La Luna

Bekah has always been into crystals even from a little girl and was intrigued by their beauty and healing properties. Crystals are part of Earths earliest formations and have the most orderly structure to ever exist in nature, they respond to the inputs of all the different energies around them, leading them to oscillate and emit specific vibratory frequencies. This energy they emit is consistent due to them being one of the most orderly and stable forms of matter in the Universe. 

We are all made up of energies that are constantly changing based on our moods, behaviours and our surroundings or people we are surrounded by. Crystals also give off energy but because of their perfect structure and formation, their energy is constant, not changing like ours. Because of this, they can help us rebalance our own energies.

Bekah also runs a small shop called La Luna, situated at number 93 Mortimer Street in Herne Bay, opened in October 2016. The main aim of opening La Luna was to spread awareness on natural well-being, self healing and self development. 

Saskia Morris

Yoga Teacher

Saskia started practising yoga four years ago when she lived in Australia. She attended regular classes and fell in love with how it made her feel, both physically and mentally. Her philosophy to life is very much based around the concept of balance, and finds yoga and meditation to be a great way of maintaining this.

In 2017 Saskia set up ‘Body in Mind’, initially as a personal training business. Although Saskia enjoyed working as a PT, something was missing; so, in 2019, she decided to train as a yoga teacher in Greece. It was one of the most intense yet wonderful experiences she has ever had.

Since then, she has been teaching classes and private sessions, working with all ages as well as with people with disabilities, injuries and hearing impediments. She has hosted local events, taught at festivals and completed further training courses. She truly believes that yoga is open to anyone and everyone, and it is her aim to encourage more people to incorporate it into their lives as a way of nourishing mind, body and soul.

Carmen Fearnley

Nosewise: Dip. Aromatherapist & Nose

Carmen founded Nosewise bespoke perfumery in 2015 when she wanted more from a perfume than just a pretty scent with a side-serving of harmful chemicals and animal derived ingredients.

Her love of perfume and years of experience allows her to draw inspiration from the many high end fragrance brands, creating natural and cruelty-free versions of your favourite scents.

To book a private consultation please get in touch with Carmen directly. 

link Visit website

Hannah Rzysko

Yoga Therapist

Hannah likes supporting people by sharing yoga that responds to their unique needs, is useful to everyday life and brings them into balance. Since initially training as a yoga teacher in 2013, she has been committed to study & training in order to create safe, welcoming and supportive space for anyone to explore & benefit from yoga – no matter their needs, condition or background. She has spent as much time in a yoga studio as she has in care homes, mental health hospitals, dementia wards, children’s centres & special needs services. After 5 years sharing yoga in this way, she completed her 550 hours certification to become a Yoga Therapist. She is currently training to be a Holistic Life Coach – this training is enriching her Yoga Therapy support and will be an additional service she will be sharing in the near future – so watch this space!

Hannah is an accredited Complementary Yoga Therapist with the Complementary and Natural Health Council (CNHC).

Hannah offers 1to1 sessions at Ikigai Holistic. Please book through her website.

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